Who is @yemgunter

“You never want anyone online to ever get you confused with someone else. THAT'S the point of building a personal branding."



YEMGunter is the social network handle used by Yolanda Eileen McRae-Gunter as part of her Branding “Consistent Use” Strategy. 

“I never want my social network connections to ever get me confused with someone else. When a person is connected to me on more than one social network, it’s a business point for them to recognize my handle more than a changing profile pic,” says Yolanda.

“The last thing you want is for someone to try to figure out who you are because both your profile pic and your handle are unrecognizable.”



Brands Cultivated

Gunter Graphics

Gunter Graphics is the branched-off web development and graphic design services of YEM Promotions. After five (5) years of continued customer growth, Yolanda separated the services so YEM Promotions can focus mainly on promotions and marketing as the company’s name implies.

YEM Promo Logo

YEM Promotions

YEM Promotions continues to be a leading event coordination, social network marketing, artist development, and nonprofit management consulting service, provider.